Heavy Duty Lathe

重型車 床

  • SN-61100D
  • SN-61125D

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  • These Heavy Duty Lathes are for turning of cast iron and steel workpieces, turning of non–ferrous metal parts of big or medium sizes. It can do external cylindrical surface turning, inner hole and end face turning. It can also turn various internal and external metric, inch, module and diametrical pitch threads, the top slide can be used independently for turning of short taper.
  • These lathes are of high power, high rigidity and wide rotating speed range, so it can be used for high speed and strong force turning.


  • The side wall of bed is constructed of double-rib plates and internal rib plate employs combined structure of box- type and bevel ribs. Rigidity of machines increases a factor of by 1/3 times compared with that of n-type ribs of single wall.
  • On the apron, there is a device which can move rapidly and safely, and is operated by a single handle which can prevent damage from overload. Braking and rotating direction change of spindle is visualized controlled by hydraulic system.
  • Both rigidity of construction and rigidity of transmission are high, so precision is stable and heavy cut can be carried out.
  • Owing to the saddle guideway which is inlaid with TSF wear-resisting material plate, the carriage moves lightly and nimbly. The service life of the guideway is extended. Lubricating system circulates from the external independent storage tank, thus cutting precision is increased.
  • The tailstock is equipped with a graduated disc and graduated line. The machine is characterized with elegant appearance and easy to be cleaned and maintained.
Specifications Unit SN-61100D SN-61125D
Distance between centers mm 1500, 3000, 5000
Max cutting length mm 1300, 2800, 4800
Width of bed mm 755
Swing over bed mm 1000 1250
Swing over cross slide mm 610 860
Spindle bore mm 130
Spindle taper mm 140 (1:20)
Spindle speed N(1) forward rpm 3.15-315
N(1) reverse rpm 3.5-278
N(2) forward rpm 2-200
N(2) reverse rpm 2.24-178
Feed range of tool post for per rev. of spindle Longitudinal mm 0.10-12
Cross mm 0.05-6 (half of longitudinal)
Top slide mm 0.025-3 (a quarter of longitudinal)
Special gears Half of standard feed
Metric thread (44 kinds) mm 1-120
Whitworth threads (31 kinds) TPI 28-1/4
Module threads (45 kinds) mm 0.5-60
Diametral threads (38 kinds) D.P. 1/2-56
Section specification of tool post mm 40 x 40
Cross slide travel mm 520
Top slide travel mm 300
Tailstock quill diameter mm 160
Talistock quill max travel mm 300
Tailstock quill taper Morse MT6
Rapid Travel Motor KW 1.5
Coolant pump motor W 120
Oil pump motor W 120
Main motor KW 22
Max overload between centers Kg 5000
Model SN-61100D SN-61125D SN-61100D SN-61125D
Specifications Gross / Nett Weight (Kg) Package Dimensions (mm)
1500 10520 / 9200 11550 / 10200 4600 x 2150 x 1700 4600 x 2275 x 1825
3000 12320 / 10700 13570 / 11900 6100 x 2150 x 1700 6100 x 2275 x 1825
5000 15020 / 13000 16520 / 14500 8100 x 2150 x 1700 8100 x 2275 x 1825

Standard Accessories

  • Center sleeve + Center
  • 4 Jaw Chuck
  • 2 speed tailstock
  • Foundation Bolts
  • Halogen work lamp
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Live center

Optional Accessories

  • Face plate
  • Drive plate
  • Taper turning attachment (TTA)
  • Digital readout (DRO)
  • Damping washer

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