High Speed Gap-Bed Lathe


  • SN-1640D
  • SN-1660D

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The machine which is a universal style and multi-purpose use engine lathe, can perform various kinds of working such as internal and external cylindrical surface, tapered surface, facing and grooving, threads of metric, withworth, module and diametral pitch system, as well as drilling, reaming, and thread tapping processing and etc. In the gap-bed lathe can machine large diameter disk of irregular shape workpieces. The machine has the performance reliable quality and easy to operate, and it is an ideal equipment for cutting processing.


  • The headstock, gear–box, apron and bed–ways are made of high quality cast iron! and they are all cast with the resin sand foundry technology. The hardness of induction hardened bed–ways is around HRC 55.
  • The lathe is featured of high efficiency! high precision, high rigidity and excellent cutting performance.
  • The base of the bed is cast into mono–block with a chip space. The structure ensures high rigidity of the whole machine and convenient chip disposal.
  • The spindle supported by 3–pointed high–precision bearings and all gears in headstock are precisely grinded the spindle turns smoothly at high speed. The noise is lower than 76db at 2000rpm.
  • Foot brake, overload protection, chip guard! longitudinal automatic stop device, point–to–point control in spindle, manual lubrication pump, ensures easy operation and good performance of the machine.
  • When DRO is equipped (GS Model), the lathe is capable of CSS (Constant Surface Speed) function which ensures optimum cutting conditions and surface finish.
Specification Unit SN-1640D SN-1660D
Distance between centers mm 1000 1500
Swing over bed mm 410
Swing over cross slide mm 258
Swing in gap mm 580
Width of gap mm 250
Width of bed mm 274
Spindle nose # D6
Spindle bore diameter mm 52
Morse taper of spindle center Morse M6
Spindle speed (16 steps) rpm 33-2000
Inch system threads TPI 4-56
Metric threads mm 0.5-7
Range of longitudinal feed mm/rev 0.08-1.15
Range of cross feed mm/rev 0.06-0.92
Lead screw diameter mm 28
Metric system Lead screw pitch mm 6
Tailstock center taper Morse M4
Cross slide travel mm 220
Top slide travel mm 100
Max. travel of tailstock quill mm 100
Tailstock quill diameter mm 52
Main motor Kw 3 / 4.5
Coolant pump motor Watt 90

Standard Accessories

  • Center Sleeve & Center
  • 3 Jaw Chuck ∅ 200 mm
  • 4 Jaw Chuck ∅ 250 mm
  • Face Plate ∅ 400 mm
  • Drive Plate ∅ 190 mm
  • Steady Rest
  • Follow Rest
  • Thread Chasing Dial
  • Chip Guard
  • Chuck Cover
  • Lighting
  • Coolant System
  • Illumination System
  • Foot Brake
  • General Tools

Optional Accessories

  • Tapper Turning Attachment
  • Quick Change Tool Post
  • Digital Read Out
  • Micro Stop for Saddle
  • Micro Stop for Cross Slide
  • Live Center

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