Milling & Drilling Machine


  • SND-7032

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Model SND-7032 Milling & Drilling Machine is designed for cutting operation or milling and drilling. If being fitted with special accessories, it can perform boring and milling operation.

It is special design with artistically shape, compact in structure, convenient for operation and maintenance. It is good functions and workmanship. For its multi-purpose feature, it is suitable for use maintenance depots tool rooms, handicraft workshop, agriculture service station or on mobile service vans.

Specifications Unit SND-7032
Max. Drilling Capacity mm 32
Max. Diameter of End Milling Cutter mm 20
Max. Diameter of Face Milling Cutter mm 76
Spindle Speed 12 Steps rpm 80-2080
Taper in Spindle Bore # M.T. No. 3
Max. Spindle Travel m 130
Max. Travel of Spindle Head mm 680
The Length between Spindle Axis and Column Face mm 193.5
Work Table Travel Right and Left mm 530
Forward & backward mm 195
Work Table Dimensions mm 800 x 240
Motor KW 1.5
Net Weight kg 300
Gross Weight kg 370
Dimension of Packing (LxHxW) mm 1080x1010x1400

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