Precision Turret Milling Machine


  • SN-2D
  • SN-3D
  • SN-4D
  • SN-5D

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  • This machine is suitable to perform various procedures such as plane surface, inclined surface, spiral surface, slots, multi-spline and arc grooves. It also may be used to accomplish vertical milling, drilling, boring and grinding procedures. It is therefore to met maintenance and manufacture in various enterprises, especially for manufacturing tools, fixtures, moulds, dies, etc.
  • The construction on this machine is reliable and flexible and a great versatility. The milling head mounted on the front end of ram can revolve 90o longitudinally to right or left in vertical plane and move to and for along the dovetail guide of turret which also may be rotated through 360o on top of the column.


  • Meehanite casting, maximum rigidity without deformation.
  • Spindle is made MOLYBDENUM CHROME, tempering and carburizing heat treated.
  • Spindle assembled precision bearing that, offers wide cutting range and high accuracy.
  • Unique Inversion type milling head, high, precision, easy operation and brake.
  • Three axes Nut on the screw are made of high class Phosphor Bronze for maximum wear resistant and life. X, Y Nut use adjustable type design, easy precision.
  • X, Y axis slide ways and adjusting gibs are laminated with wear-resistant sliding provides smooth.
  • Lubrication system delivers oil to all slide ways, gears, bearings, feed screw and bushing etc. for complete lubrication effect.
Specification Unit SN-2D SN-3D SN-4D SN-5D
Working Surface mm 1067 x 230 1270 x 254 1370 x 280 1370 x 305
Table Load Kg 300 300 320 350
Travels (X x Y x Z) mm 750 x 315 x 370 810 x 380 x 380 910 x 400 x 400 850 x 450 x 450
Shape of Guide Way # Dove tail Square
Spindle Taper # NT 30 NT 40
Spindle Diameter mm 85.725 105
Spindle Speed/Step rpm 80-5440 (16 Steps)
Quill Travel mm 127
Quill Feeds mm/rev 0.04, 0.08, 0.15
Head Tilt deg 45° Forward & Back
90° Right & Left
90° Right & Left
Spindle Motor Hp 3.0 5.0
Ram Travel mm 400 420 520 610
Machine Weight Kg 1100 1280 1500 2100
Machine Dimension mm 2100 x 1500 x 14400 2100 x 1500 x 1700 2450 x 1500 x 1700

Standard Accessories

  • Gear box Feed X Axis
  • Power Feed Y Axis
  • Digital Read-Out 2 Axis
  • Machine Vise
  • Clamping Kit
  • Milling Arbor and Collect 18 pcs
  • Work Lamp
  • Coolant System
  • Lubrication System
  • Panel Box
  • General Tools
  • Powered table elevation (SN-5D)

Optional Accessories

  • Slotting Head

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