Vertical Machining Center


  • CY-V6
  • CY-VMC850C
  • CY-VMC1060
  • CY-VMC1270

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  • CY–VMC series are designed with vertical bridge frame. They have wide machining range, high rigidity, high accuracy, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability and large torque as well as temperature stable increasing spindle system. All the axes and spindle are driven by servo motor and have 3 axes or 4 axes coordinate.
  • This series machines are designed for milling, drilling, reaming, boring, tapping and counter boring/sinking value type work pieces cams, moulds, plate or disk type and case type work pieces. They are used in automobile industry, motor cycle industry, machinery manufacturing, motor industry and instrument industry, especially those in complex shapes like 2-dimension or 3-dimension concave/convex moulds and cavities.
  • The machine is either suitable for multi–product small–medium patch and mass production when fitted to a production line. Use these machines can save technical equipment, shorten production preparation time, ensure product quality and improve productivity effect. All cycling manufacture program was equipped in CNC System.
  • Spindle hole is equipped with air-blowing device for cleaning. Adequate work piece cooling system.


  • Main body parts of the machine are made of high quality and low stress cast iron with resin sand foundry, which ensures precision and rigidity.
  • Bed–type structure, level–cross worktable and counterweight balance headstock make the working counterpoise and fast.
  • With stepless speed change and main transmission position feedback, it can perform high–speed and rigidity tapping.
  • Full–guarding (no roof), integrated mechanical design and advanced structure enables it is convenient to operate, clean and maintain.
Main Specifications Unit CY-V6 CY-VMC850C CY-VMC1060 CY-VMC1270
Table size (L x W) mm 700 x 420 1050 x 500 1300 x 600 1360 x 700
Max load of table kg 300 600 800 1000
T-slot (number of slot width x pitch) 3-18 x 125 5–18 x 150 5–18 x 120 5–18 x 152.5
Stroke X axis mm 600 800 1000 1200
Y axis mm 400 500 600 700
Z axis mm 420 500 600 600
Spindle taper BT40 / ∅120 BT40 / ø150 BT50 / ø155
Spindle speed rpm 12000 50–8000
Spindle drive motor kW 5.5 5.5 / 7.5 11/15
Rapid feed speed X axis m/min 40 20
Rapid feed speed Y axis m/min 40 20
Rapid feed speed Z axis m/min 40 18
Tool storage capacity (umbrella type) piece ATC 16 20
Tool selection Bi-directional random
Max tool diameter with-without adjacent tool mm ∅90-120 ø90–ø150 ø135–ø200
Max tool weight kg 8 8 15
Position accuracy X, Y, Z axis JIB6330 mm ±0.005/300 ±0.005/300 ±0.006/300
JB/T8771.4–1998 mm 0.006/0.004/0.004 0.016/0.012/0.012 0.020/ 0.016/ 0.016
Reposition accuracy X, Y, Z axis JIB6330 mm ±0.003
JB/T8771.4–1998 mm 0.006/0.004/0.004 0.010/0.008/0.008 0.012/0.008/0.008

Standard Accessories

  • Taiwan high speed spindle
  • Servo (stepless)
  • Umbrella type of tool changer
  • Cylinder knife fight
  • Coston light
  • Belt drive for spindle
  • Servo feed system
  • Pneumatic system
  • Coolant system
  • Spindle clean system
  • Compressed air gun
  • Illumination system
  • Box guide way
  • CNC control (Fanuc/ Siemens)
  • Air Conditioner

Optional Accessories

  • Disc type tool changer
  • 4th axis function (NC rotary table)
  • Spindle 10000/12000 rpm
  • CNC Control (GSK, Mitsubishi)
  • Automatic chip enclosure
  • Imported screw or bearing

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